Risky foreign fuck in the swimming pool!

2020-04-07Christy LeyFucking, Outdoors, Public sex
  • 9:56 minutes
  • FullHD
On Valentine's Day, my darling gave me the pleasure of relaxing together in a themed world for us. 
A typical place for lovers. But I was a little bored and didn't really feel like it.
For a brief moment alone in the changing rooms, a stranger approached me and also gave me compliments.
He was also there with his partner, but it looked like he didn't feel like you either.
Somehow it turned me on and wanted to feel his assigned TAIL in me;)) but I was very unsure whether I should risk this? Only for a hot non-binding FREMDFICK KICK?!?
What do you think? Should I risk this, what a strange cunt I am to have some other fun on Love Day? ;) just have a look ...
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