OMG SHOCK !!! - He doesn't do that ?? !!

2020-04-06Christy LeyAmateur, Blow Job, Teen
  • 12:15 minutes
  • HDTV

The last thing I'm about to do is finish styling myself in the bathroom, after all this is our last vacation evening in the hotel. My best friend is already at the bar downstairs. Until suddenly your friend suddenly comes to me and asks about me. But somehow I notice that he just doesn't want to go straight away and see that his cock is suddenly hard! OMG !!! What's going on here, I wonder? He won't want ONE with me? After all, he's my best friend's boyfriend !! I'm really insecure. BUT somehow it makes me extremely horny to feel his cock in my wet pussy. I think we will agree by saying nothing to my best, but still very brazen, what an ASSHOLE !!

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